Financial Management

Decisively Better Financial Management
– Gylling Shows the Way of Business

Our financial management services provide up-to-date information to support your daily business management. We are a forward-looking and dynamic partner who doesn’t only collect information, but tells you how to better manage your business: you get financial advices that increase profit. Together we create growth and development by finding new ways to operate more efficiently. We are professionals, genuinely close to you, and want to create mutual success. We also have experience in international business, for example, we take care of VAT resposibilities in 23 different countries.

Gylling secures the functionality of financial management: the customer-specific contact persons, quality assurances and digital solutions together with the versatile advisory services guarantee the best results. We keep your company up to date by analyzing information, identifying challenges and bravely expressing suggestions for improvement. Our digital solutions do not require modifications on your ERP systems, but work seamlessly with them.


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