Gylling Accounting Oy
– The Trendsetter in Financial Management

Gylling Accounting is an active and professional partner in financial and human resource management. We have improved the methods of financial management for decades. Our skill to renew ourselves is based on competent people and expertise in challenging projects.

Our partnership means real-time information to support your daily business decisions, smooth co-operation with designated experts, as well as readiness and support in business transformation. In addition to the accounting services, you get productive solutions to legal, tax and personnel issues, digitalization of financial management and management consulting, with more than 50 years of experience.

Each of our rationalization projects has improved our client’s companies’ activities, whether it is rapid growth management, or internalized payroll administration. In our recent customer satisfaction survey, we received feedback with an average of more than nine out of ten.

Contact us and together we’ll find a suitable solution for your business. Welcome to Gylling!


Hämeenkatu 26 A
FI-33200 Tampere
+358 3271 0700


Keskuskatu 8
FI-39700 Parkano
+358 344 7200


Raatihuoneenkatu 17 A
FI-13100 Hämeenlinna
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Valtakatu 15
FI-37600 Valkeakoski
+358 3573 0520