When the emergency hits, Gylling is near

At the end of 2017, Sonova Finland Oy’s financial administration was faced with an unpredictable and unpleasant surprise. Their controller, who had served for a long time in the firm, decided to go for new challenges. Sonova had to find both qualified and temporary skills, as soon as possible. Thanks to Gylling, the solution was found closer than expected, one step ahead and just a few blocks away.

Renowned as an expert in hearing care, Sonova is an international player in over 100 countries. Sonova Finland Oy, a Finnish subsidiary of the Swiss group, promotes the possibilities of better hearing with healthcare districts and their associations as well as end users. Globally, Sonova is the market leader in its industry, measured in terms of turnover and goods, also in Finland.

– We serve our customers with the decades of experience through our partners, in the online shop and in the only store of its kind. At our shop in Tullintori, Tampere, you`ll find all the specialist hearing services, maintenance and accessories you need, says Mr. Timo Ylihakola, Country Manager at Sonova Finland Oy.

Ready for international assignments in just two days

Finding a qualified enough financial management professional required only one negotiation, after which things proceeded quickly.

– None of the competitors were able to provide the service as fast as Gylling. We were immediately convinced of their expertise, the offer was clear and, in addition, getting the expert to work on our premises when needed, was also possible. Gylling’s expert had a solid SAP expertise, and he had no trouble budgeting and reporting to Switzerland or co-operating with our Swedish superiors. And while we only had two days of time for the actual introduction, things started rolling smoothly and the situation was saved, Timo praises.

According to the agreement, Sonova was provided with emergency assistance until a suitable controller candidate was found. And as we know, the best talents must usually be attracted from elsewhere.

– Gylling’s expert took care of his job well, including advising his follower. Thanks to him, we had enough time to perform the recruitment process properly, and the person selected for the job was able to start working efficiently. I warmly recommend Gylling’s service, Timo says.

Because financial administration processes have to happen immediately, and not yesterday, Sonova can continue to be sighed for relief, because help is always near. With Gylling, Timo now has time for other things as well, and he doesn’t have to spend his evenings calculating numbers, not even when the controller gets sick.


Gylling’s fast service and quality exceeded the expectations of Mr. Timo Ylihakola, Sonova Finland Oy’s Country Manager.

Timo Ylihakola

Country Manager, Sonova Finland Oy

  • Do you need a skilled controller, but hiring is not possible?
  • Are you looking for skilled help in financial management?
  • Do you want to be prepared also for the worst – in advance?

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